Frontline Research and Training Outfit in Reproductive and Family Health
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1. To Conduct Innovative  and Evidence-based  Research
     We focus on innovative and evidence - based research in order to identify the best ways to meet the
     needs and address the several  challenges that the communities face in a timely manner.

2. Training
    Individuals and communities must have the basic knowledge and appropriate tools available to them so
    that they can be supportive and actively participate in promoting the Reproductive health of members.
    This will entail trainer training and these trainers will in turn train community members.  The training
    will have a conceptual framework, routine activities, follow-up and evaluation.  For all training
    activities, appropriate manuals will be developed.

3. Others
    Proposal writing. Frontline will assist in proposal writing.
    Data Collection. Frontlines conduct qualitative and quantitative data collection for individuals and
    Data Analysis.

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