Frontline Research and Training Outfit in Reproductive and Family Health
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*We conduct Innovative research especially in West Africa

* Through evidence-based research, we seek solutions directed at improving the health and welfare of all

    Family members.

* We raise the awareness of families to issues related to Reproductive Health, and inform the   
    government   of the community's needs. 

*We conduct Capacity building in Community-based systems for sustaining care and support for

   mothers, children, the elderly and the challenged.

*We support families and households in their effort to promote reproductive, sexual and family health

  among their members.

*We collaborate with the Federal, State and Local governments to:


     - Identify the reproductive needs of the communities through research.

     - Promote pilot programs that will serve as models for the replication.

     - Use innovative, cross-cutting approaches to address pressing issues in Reproductive and family

     - Develop appropriate education and training materials to improve the Reproductive health of
         individuals and family members.

     - Work with other informal health workers such as trained Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA), Village 
         Health workers (VHW) and volunteers to deliver and promote acceptable services.

     - Provide technical assistance to the local governments and communities.

     - Initiate appropriate research in Reproductive and family health.

     - Disseminate findings through annual reports, ad hoc and other publications.